Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 35

What's Going on in There?
The fruit comparisions just don’t make sense to me these days….little Noah is the size of a coconut or a bunch of carrots.  He is about 20 inches long (his birth length) and probably closing in on 5 and a half pounds. His kidneys and liver are now fully developed and functioning and he is continuing to gain fat. Grow little man grow!

Maternity Clothes? 
Same old, same old.  My office is probably starting to get really bored of seeing the same 6-7 dresses every week!
27 pounds?  I seem to be losing….I hope that’s ok for little man.   
Stretch Marks? 
Ugh. The crop on the back/side of my left thigh has grown and my right thigh has gained a few to join them.  Not my favorite.  I really hope they calm down once I have little man and aren’t as noticeable.

On Monday he wasn’t moving at all which really scared me.  Enough to call the doctor.  Since then though, I think he has been making up for scaring mommy and moving like a crazy man!   
Food Cravings? 
Nothing really. Food has been tough this week.
Anything Making you Queasy or Sick? 
Pretty much any time I eat.  My stomach has gotten so squished that I can’t even eat half a sandwich without feeling the effects of it.  I get nauseous and the reflux is killer.

What I Miss? 
Eating a full meal without feeling sick.  It’s really hard right now to make sure I am getting enough nutrients for my little guy.
Yep, had a couple different incidents this week.  So weird.  I think it is just because my stomach is so squished, I am really trying to train myself

Just the general preggo aches and pains I think!  My belly has been hurting near the bottom and I am pretty tired, but I think it is all normal. 
Labor Signs? 
Nothing but Braxton hicks

Belly Button In or Out?
As out as it can get
Wedding Rings On or Off? 
Wearing my fakie for boring things like work, but still wearing my real one on the weekends
Tossing and turning with a 6 pound person on your belly sucks. The end.
 What I'm Looking Forward To?

Momma and I are headed to LA this weekend for another of C’s games.  I can’t wait to take the bump to the beach and to Downtown Disney for his first glimpse of some of my favorite places!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ipsy Reviw - April

Ipsy time!

Like I always say, this is one of my favorite times of the month….I love getting this bag in the mail! I really do think this is the best bag out there for the cost.  If you are looking to start a beauty subscription, I would definitely try Ipsy first. $10 for everything including shipping?  You can’t really beat that!

The theme of this month’s bag is “Beautiful Bohemian,” which seems like a great theme, but honestly I don’t see how a single item I received (except for the bag) matches it! The bag is pretty cute, though my zipper is kind of wonky which is a bummer. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

So here it is…the April Ipsy bag!  

   1)     Olive Lips Oats & Honey Moisturizing Lip Balm – .07 oz. (FULL SIZE)
            Well I do love me some lip balm!  I can’t imagine anything better than my Burt’s Bees, but I 
            will definitely get some use out of this I’m sure.  Maybe I will pack it in my hospital bag, I 
            read you should pack chapstick since hospitals are very dry!
Full Size: $5.95 My Value: $5.95

           2)    Julie Nail Polish in “Damsel” – .35 oz. (FULL SIZE)
            I am not impressed by this. Seems like a run of the mill cheap, boring nail polish to me!
Full Size: $3.99 My Value: $3.99

           3)    Mica Beauty Eye Primer  – 4 g. (FULL SIZE)
            Ugh, another one of these eye primers in a flat container.  I really dislike this kind.  I can’t get 
            my finger in there without getting the product all over and under my nail.  I could certainly  
            use a brush, but that just adds extra steps to my beauty routine because then I would have to 
            wash that.  I’ll stick with tubes where I can put it on with my finger! Also, that price is a 
Full Size: $44.95 for 8 g. My Value: $22.47

4)  The Balm Mini Nude Dude Eyeshadow in “Fit” – .035 oz.
Ooo I think this color is really pretty!  It’s a perfect copper color to wear to C’s Rattler games!
Full Size: $36.00 for a palette of 12 colors My Value: $3.00

       5)  Pandora’s Makeup Blush in “Pink Carnation” – .14 oz. – (FULL SIZE)
I wish this came in better packaging.  The cardboard around it looks really cute, but inside that is blush in a tin, like you would add to a palette.  That’s not very helpful to me, since I don’t have the type of palette this would fit it.  The color is not bad, but it’s too dark for me.  I go for more rose and peach colors.
Full Size: $11.45 My Value: $11.45

Final Cost: $10.00
Final Value: $46.86

I’m pretty bummed about this bag, I will probably be getting use out of two items at most, the eye shadow and the lip balm.  Those items put together don’t even cover my cost of the bag though, which stinks.  Oh well, I guess you win some, you lose some right?

What are your thoughts?

If you’d like to give it a try you can sign up here!

(As always, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these things in hopes that other people will get to have the same fun that I do!  I am not compensated in any way.)
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Football in Vegas

This past year in the Arena League off season a new team came into the picture....the Las Vegas Outlaws.  The team was rumored for awhile because it had a major player in ownership. Vince Neil.  Yeah, the one from Motley Crue.

Over the off season the team became official and the decision to make a road trip there to see C's team play them was made.  I was excited to see exactly how they did things, knowing that the previous years new team, the LA KISS, owned by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS, went pretty far over the top during games.  Girls dancing in cages above the field, rock star hair band half time shows, electric guitar National Anthems, you know, the usual family football fare.

Well, C's second game of the season, and first road game, happened to be against Las Vegas.  My momma and I packed our bags and headed out on a Friday afternoon about 2 weeks ago.  Yeah, a Las Vegas road trip at 33 weeks pregnant.  Totally normal! Also, I was a terrible blogger and took minimal sorry about that!

Normally, the drive there is about 4.5 hours which is quite do-able.  Unfortunately, there was a huge accident the day we left that closed down both directions of the two lane highway that is the one major road to Las Vegas.  What a bummer.  Reports said the roads were going to be closed for about 4 hours, so we had to make the decision to take another route, which added about an hour and a half to our travel time.

We cut it waaayyyy to close on an empty gas tank which made for an interesting portion of the ride.  Us girls just got to talking and totally spaced it!  We finally made it into the city around 8pm.  We checked into our hotel, the Westgate Resort (previously the Las Vegas hotel) and grabbed some dinner with C. I couldn't hang much later so we headed off to bed for the night.

The next day we ate at the hotel, said hi to C before his meetings and headed out to shop. First stop?  The Coach outlets of course! For lunch we went to one of my favorite places, the Grand Luxe Cafe.  They closed the one in AZ, so I always go there when in Las Vegas.  My mom didn't quite understand how amazing their dessert, beignets, really are.  That was until she tried them.  She was in heaven too!

After a big lunch we headed back to the hotel to rest before the game, which I am so glad we did.  We headed to the game pretty early so we could watch C and the team do their warmups around 5:15.  Too bad they don't actually open the doors to the arena until 6pm! Oops. We stood outside chatting with other fans until they let us in.

The game was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.  Part of that was that we lost (womp, womp) and were down almost the entire game.  The other part though, was I was hoping for a crazy fun experience like the LA KISS team had provided last year and it wasn't that at all.  Their dancers weren't very good (and their uniforms were soooo boring), the arena wasn't set up for football at all (there was no score board telling us the downs or what yard line we were on....which is important in football), the music was pretty muffled and nothing really just felt exciting in general.  I guess the most exciting moment of the show was that a stripper sang the National Anthem. Just kidding. Thats not exciting, that's terrible.

The only photo I got during the game, go #6!
 After the game we headed out with the team to Gordon Biersch for some grub.  Half the team didn't even come though, they were too dejected over the loss.  Everyone thought this was an easy win...that's what happens when you get complacent. The bummer is, C's team will forever go down in history as the first team the Las Vegas team EVER beat!  Oops!

The next day, the boys left really early.  I'm talking 6am.  Never fun after a late night in Vegas!  Mom and I took our sweet time getting up and getting out of town.  We stopped for coffee, gambled at my favorite casino, the Cosmopolitan, saw a show at my happy place (the Bellagio water fountains) and then grabbed some lunch before hitting the road.

Not gonna lie, I think this was an accidental photo, but its the only one I've got!

All in all it was a good trip. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a win!

Now, a lot of people ask me if I go to all of C's road games and that would be an emphatic no!  That would just be too pricey.  The first two years, the only away games I went to was the Arena Bowl each year.  Last year, I went to LA and Portland (near where my brother lives....also the trip we ended up getting engaged on!). This year, I just plan on doing one or two more trips to LA.  The second one will be about a month and a half after Noah is born, so it depends on how he handles car rides!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 34

What's Going on in There?
This baby is probably over 5 lbs.  I honestly can’t believe I am carrying a little 5 pound person around with me wherever I go! This week he is no longer see-through and his body has gained enough fat to regulate his own temperature.  His teeny tiny fingernails have reached the end of his fingers, which means they will be nice and sharp when he is born!

Maternity Clothes? 
Still sticking with 99% maternity dresses and maxi skirts.  This weekend I actually purchased a non-maternity maxi dress in an XL to wear to my baby shower!  I probably could have work a large, but they didn’t have one in the color dress I wanted.
29 pounds.   
Stretch Marks? 
Nothing new this week. Yay!

Still wiggling around like a little rockstar! This week he has started to stick his foot out the side of my belly quite often.  I would not say that it is very comfortable!  That being said, I’m glad it’s the side of my belly and not up into my ribs!   
Food Cravings? 
Still on the fruits and veggies kick.  I hovered over the platters at my shower last weekend and ate pretty much all of the cantaloupe, strawberries and carrots!
Anything Making you Queasy or Sick? 
Nope, other than one freak incident earlier this week.

What I Miss? 
Doing pretty good.  Missing sitting outside by the grill at this time of year with some yummy Redd’s Apple Ale.
Ugh, I did have an incident mid-week where I lost my entire breakfast. I have no clue what set it off, but I had just finished eating. All I could think of was what a waste of money!

Pretty uncomfortable these days. I feel like any activity, even going to hang out by the pool for 2 hours, is extremely exhausting. I can’t do very much at a time. I get out of breath doing simple things too. Oh and also? I can tell my stomach is definitely squished now.  I can’t eat nearly as much as I used to, it makes me feel really sick. I have itchy legs too, is that a preggo symptom?  Even if I am sitting in the bath, they feel itchy to me.
Labor Signs? 
Just Braxton hicks
Baby boy!

Belly Button In or Out?
Out loud and proud
Wedding Rings On or Off? 
On Thursday I wore a fake for the first time.  I could probably wear my rings still, and will continue to when I am around friends and family, but I figured if I am just at work I might as well be comfy!
Having a pretty rough time getting comfortable and falling asleep. I toss and turn for quite awhile, which really stinks.  Once I am asleep though I am fine.  It is hit or miss whether or not I’ll be able to easily fall asleep again after I wake up to pee. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.
 What I'm Looking Forward To?

Real talk?  I am looking forward to meeting little Noah and being able to sleep and do activities comfortably again. This last month is really going to be rough, I can tell already.
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